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Goth Video Share

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This community exists for the purpose of sharing goth music videos. Maybe you have something that you know people will appreciate, or you've been looking for something for a long time, and this might just be the place to find it.

1) Every post must contain a link to a video (For requests, email to the moderator who will compile this into a single list once weekly). The easiest way to do this is to upload a video to a site like Savefile, Rapidshare, or your own server. Sites like those often delete your file after 25 downloads or 7 days and it will be up to you whether or not you upload the file for us again. Post the new link in the same post. Note: Due to the sharing of video files, this can sometimes take a while.
* Another good option for sharing files is to create a torrent, where users could download using BitTorrent.
2) This is not a place for promotion of gigs, bands, etc (unless there is an appropriate video with the post)
3) There shall be no promoting other communities unless first approved by one of the mods (valec.)
4) We're not going to be too picky about what type of music you acn post, but for the most part think Goth and Deathrock, and know that when we say Goth we don't think AFI/Cradle of Filth/Techno/etc. Old-School is always well recieved.
5) There is absolutely no need for bickering just because you don't like the artist someone posted. If you're a problem more than once, you will be banned.
6) Understandably, you can't help if you have that reat 45 Grave file on .ram, or the southern death cult on a .mov, but preferable filetypes to be posted are .avi (divx or xvid preferably)and mpeg. Zip and rar files are the preferable means of sharing archives (ie a .ace file could be very annoying).
7) Your post should give us this information (if available):
Song Title:
File Size:
Taken From: --(ie, "Live at...")
8) All posts are automatically friends only. You can only post if you are a member.
9) Post as much as you want.

Other things to know:
If you would like to make a request, please email valec at address in membership info. DO NOT post your requests in the community, they will be deleted. Every week I will post the requests that I get in one list. This entry will be listed as the community's website. Please reply once you've filled a request, telling us which requests you've filled.

Breaking these rules will get your post deleted. Breaking the rules more than once will get you banned. :)

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